K & K Manufacturing has been around a long time (since 1982) but K & K EV, not so long. We got our start in 2009 when a customer of ours contacted us and mentioned that he was attempting to convert a 1959 190SL to fully electric drive. He was unable to finish the project himself and we offered to help him. The car was finished and he drove it for several years before he decided that he'd like more performance. We have since upgraded it to a more powerful system. This car was our entry into electric cars. We were hooked. Around 2011 we began collaborating with EVTV (www.evtv.me) to support more hardware in electric vehicles. The first collaboration was getting the DMOC645 motor controller from Transit Connect Electric vehicles to be suitable for various conversion projects.

We've been involved in several projects aimed at increasing the number of components that can be used in electric vehicle conversions. It has historically been difficult to find all of the parts necessary to produce a full conversion. Recent auctions of bankrupt electric vehicle manufacturers has lead to a glut of OEM components in the market. By themselves these components don't do a lot of good - they were meant for the original vehicle and require special communication strategies. However, we've been successful in aiding EVTV in supporting several of these OEM parts - motor controllers, battery management systems, and chargers. Additionally, several new pieces of hardware and software have been created.

We believe that the future will belong to electric cars. They're convenient, cool, efficient, and don't require gasoline. We are converting more vehicles and will be showing status updates as we progress.